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Pipistrello and the Cursed Yoyo

Tighten up that string, and bust out the yoyo moves! In this 2D top-down adventure you'll explore a sprawling urban landscape, reinterpreting your surroundings through your mastery of yoyo tricks. Solve puzzles, fight the city's rival crime lords, and regain the influence of the Pipistrello family!
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About this game

Explore a vast urban landscape in this narrative-driven, 2D top-down retro platforming adventure! 


In Pipistrello and the Cursed Yoyo, you'll face off against enemies using the weapon you know best: your prized yoyo!


Combine old and new yoyo tricks to combat evil masterminds, and pay attention to your surroundings to discover new ways to traverse the terrain! Your versatile yoyo moves enable you to reinterpret the cityscape, allowing you to dexterously reach places never thought of before — the very best puzzle-platformer experience!




Explore the city's 4 districts with over 1000 screens of challenges and secrets!

Defeat the 4 crime lords that have taken over your family's company!

Learn over 6 yoyo tricks to create your own cityscape yoyo-parkour routes!

Learn over 6 yoyo special moves to pulverize your enemies in combat!

Collect over 40 equippable Badges that alter the way you play!

Unlock over 20 passive Upgrades through a shady loan shark!

Find over 80 other collectibles throughout town, from life upgrades to precious treasures!


Pippit, a budding yoyo master, has never meshed well with the rest of his family: the powerful and influential Pipistrellos, headed by his auntie, Madame Pipistrello. The family's had a firm grip on their city for decades, owing to the electricity monopoly that they've built.


It just so happens that, when Pippit finally drops by for his annual visit to the Pipistrello Manor, he gets caught up in the rival companies' nefarious plot to dethrone the Madame, and take the source of energy generation for themselves! After the attack, Pippit and the Madame find themselves having to cooperate in a completely new arrangement......



The Big City

Your journey takes place across a huge, bustling city run by crime families. From shopping districts, to industrial complexes and more besides, you'll venture through all of these areas to get stronger, learn new abilities, and take down those mob bosses. There are also unique dungeons and mysterious areas to discover. It’ll surely be a memorable adventure across a colorful, vibrant, and surprising metropolis!



Get Ready for the ‘Yoyovania’!

Pipistrello and the Cursed Yoyo combines action, a light-hearted and comical story with rad yoyo skills and all the bits and pixels you could ever want. The world’s first true yoyovania!



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